Delivery Platform, Online Ordering System... How To Choose Your Takeaway?

And, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the growth of less expensive options – online ordering system, which allows customers to order food online, whilst keeping operations in-house – like Takeaway Genie, which are about 90% more affordable. These can also work with third party last-mile courier services and a few software’s, as our own, presently have a premiumised delivery experience built into the software so you can have a same experience as Deliveroo.

So, which is best? Would it be a good idea for you to leave your takeaway to a third party like Uber Eats, Just Eat, or Deliveroo? Or should you get it done in-house with a DIY-marketing platform like Takeaway Genie?

Just Eat, Deliveroo, and Uber Eats: the pros

How Technology Helping Restaurant Operators To Survive In The Pandemic—And Beyond

Most of the changes and trends operators are facing were already taking place within the industry before the pandemic, just they are currently being adopted more quickly. Establishments have restructured their businesses to include online ordering system, delivery and pickup options as convenient solutions for customers, while dining area changes have included social distancing, contactless payment options, outside dining and reduced limit. A few of these changes are now being considered as long term business strategies because of the extra safety benefits they offer.

As visitors are more frequently ordering demanding alternate way to help them with dining or take out their favorite meals, operators are embracing new and innovative systems and technologies. Staffs are presently trained to follow extra safety protocols, for example, temperature checks, mandatory wearing of masks, new cleaning strategies and other revised policies. With these changes introduced, here are three new technological advances designed to save time and resources in the back of the house:

Digital Checklists

What Are The Benefits Of Online Ordering System

1. Analyse and Boost Sales

The analyses provides data with respect to your visitors per month or week, locations, abondoned carts, understand what things of the menu are selling more. It even makes the business promotion simple and engages more customer attention towards you.

What Is The Importance of Having Online Ordering System For Restaurants?

1) Reduce your Operating Costs

Each time you bag an order through a food delivery aggregator, you are left poorer by a couple of pounds. Those lost pounds, if accumulated after some time, could have helped you launch a couple of initiatives to grow your business.

What Are The New Rules For Restaurant Success

Discuss about business strategies, development plans, five-year plans, marketing goals, sales targets – all of this and much more should be reconsidered on the grounds that what worked for your business a couple of months ago, may not work in the New Normal.