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What Are The Restaurant Food & Kitchen Hygiene Tips?

As a restaurant owner, it is important to serve clean and hygienic food to all customers. Learn the essential points in serving safe and clean food.

What Are The Benefits Of Online Ordering System

You may be thinking the profit part after the online ordering system for restaurants or third party platform is made. We have some profit factors, which will give you assurance on your dicey decision of the online platform.

What Is The Importance of Having Online Ordering System For Restaurants?

By 2030, the online ordering system for food business will touch £365 billion around the world. If you have a restaurant and much of your business comes from food delivery portals, then you should have your own online ordering system. There are other more compelling reasons why you should have your own food delivery software.

What Are The New Rules For Restaurant Success

The initial wave of COVID-19 has passed and businesses have resumed, restaurants are preparing to make dine in safe for their customers and food deliveries are at all time high and above all, people are stepping out of their homes to adapt to the better way. All said and done, life after COVID-19 and with COVID-19 is a completely different what we abandoned, what we have been practicing for a very long time, and what we had planned for what's for the future.

What Are The Online Ordering System Trends For Restaurant Operators To Know For 2020

Online Ordering System is a multi-billion-dollar industry. The opportunities to reach more customers have never been higher, nor have the stakes for risking customer alienation. You heard that right. According to a report restaurants that ignore mobile order ahead capabilities could even lose up to 70% of their business. To keep the present restaurants customers happy, restaurateurs must implement the technologies that will follow these top food delivery trends for 2020.