Food Ordering With Online Ordering Website for Takeaway

Published: 2019-03-21 in takeaway genie by Håkan Edling

Food Ordering With Online Ordering Website for Takeaway

The food ordering system stores information about customer’s contact address, phone number, mail id, as well as their order etc... The online ordering system instantly notifies the takeaway shop or restaurant when they have placed a new order. This allows the restaurant to start making the order ready for delivery.

Online takeaway ordering connects seamlessly with advanced takeaway ecommerce website with a professional look that allows the takeaways customer to order directly on their own custom made takeaway website. You can save thousands of pounds by cutting out expensive ordering third party websites. All orders you receive directly on your new takeaway website are commission free, which means 0% on all orders. You have no hidden costs and you have 100% of payments. All you need is to pay a one off fee for the web design and online ordering system. You only need to pay a small amount of monthly fees for the website hosting & support.

You can direct your customers to your own online takeaway website with its advanced built in takeaway ordering system. We create and design you with an advanced fully responsive mobile and tablet friendly takeaway website and save you from paying commission on orders. The online ordering website for takeaway will pay for itself in no time. IF you have your own takeaway shop and looking to have an online ordering website, then we are always ready to help by delivering you with a professional website which will make you stand out from your competitors. By having your own website you can take the orders online directly.

We create a custom made advanced online ordering website for you. We also design apps for your takeaway so there customers can order easily at a click on a button from their phones.