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How Online Ordering System Help Boost Your Business?

The future of the restaurant business lies solidly with online ordering system. With new meal delivery services popping up every year, restaurants need to find out how to compete.

Since online ordering is also a way to increase your restaurant's revenue, it's a great opportunity to add it to your services in case if you haven't as of now.

Online Ordering Increases Order Size

When you're ready to accept online orders, you are going to see an increase in order size?

People often order more when ordering online for various reasons including:

·           They don't need to "take" leftovers home as they're already home.

·          Customers may order extra for lunch the following day.

·          There is no pressure in choosing add-ons without worrying about lines or taking up a table.

·          Diners aren't embarrassed to order more as they're ordering privately and your server doesn't know how many are eating.

Online Ordering System Increases Customer Loyalty

As already mentioned earlier, your diners can order instant meals and ready to-eat meals online from various sources. This proves that your diners need the comfort of eating at home.

Increase their loyalty to you, their favorite restaurant, by offering them choices, specifically online ordering.

Automated ordering makes it easy for your customers to order from you whether they feel to stay in or going out.

Offering online ordering lets customers know you care and thusly increases their loyalty.

You can also offer loyalty programs and exclusive online coupons to boost customers further.

Online Ordering Makes You More Efficient

In the "old" days of take-out and delivery, you needed to have a person on-staff to receive and answer phone calls and managing orders.

When you offer online food ordering, your customers and your staff profit by the increased efficiency.

You don't need to pay extra staff.

Your customers can order from their smart phones.

Diners have no need wait over the phone on hold for a person to talk and then try to hear them over the noisy restaurant.

Customers bypass a person, so there is little scope for mistake and you put out orders with a higher pace of accuracy.

Online Ordering Builds a Database

In case you're similar to many restaurant owners, you're building an email database of your customers.

This gives you a chance to market to them and communicate with them in future by sending specials, loyalty data, coupons, links to blog posts, and interesting tips and videos.

You rarely get an email address from your in-house diners. What's more, you never get an email address from a telephone order. But, you get an email address when your customer orders online.

This gives you an opportunity to capture information and market to them for long time.

Online Ordering Provides Analytics

Do you know how many times a customer dined in your restaurant this quarter? Probably not. But, you know how many times a customer ordered from you online.

In addition you not only know his rate of ordering, but you also know what he ordered every time.

Using data, what people are ordering lets you know which of your menu items are the most popular and which are duds.

You would then be able to adjust, add or remove menu items based on what your customers are eating.

You can also customize your promotions to your online ordering customers since you know detailed information about them.

If a customer ordered from you long back from your analytics, you can send him a targeted promotion to get him to back.

Online Ordering Increases Order Accuracy

Phone orders are hard in a busy restaurant. This leaves space for multiple chances for mistakes.

Online ordering system gives your customers order exactly what they need. They can modify their order as many times as they need before placing it, so there's zero chance for error on your part.

The order is sent directly to your kitchen, where it is handled efficiently. Avoiding mistakes is a great way to make your customers happy.

Your Customers Demand Online Ordering

It's not simply Millennials who are demanding online ordering, age groups below and above want it, as well.

They want to eat at restaurants who want convenience and accessibility.

The statistics back this up:

·           In the previous four years, at least 30% of diners ages 18-54 have ordered food online from their smart phone or tablet.

·           Automated restaurant ordering is becoming 300% quicker than dine in traffic.


Including online ordering not just increases the quantity of pickup or delivery orders you get, but also increases your order size and customer loyalty, as well.

Online ordering is the future. Your customers need the ease of take-out and delivery. They would prefer not to leave the comfort of their own homes, so it's dependent upon you to satisfy their need for convenience with online ordering.

You're probably familiar with take-out orders, so the move to digital online ordering should be easy. It will also save you time and money with regards to labor costs.

You don't have to staff answering phones, as the order is done online.

Bottom line – as a restaurant in the 21st century, you need to boost the experience for each customer. You need to encourage not only walk in traffic but also online ordering too.

Your goal is to meet the needs of each customer, regardless of whether it's those that want to dine in or those that need to eat from the comfort of their sofa.


Lauren Deol

Lauren Deol is Takeaway Genie's Content Strategist. She writes about the trends, tips and other things that enable customers serve better and be more helpful awesome overall. She also writes about the need and importance of having a website for a takeaway business to run their business successfully.