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How Our Online Ordering System Is Best For Restaurants

Food is all about creating an experience for the customer, evoking those wonderful fragrances and visuals of the different flavors the cuisine offers. Admitted, this is easily done in a restaurant than online setting, but it is certainly not impossible. The market for food is ever growing, just like the online delivery market, so why not combine the two?

There are many reasons that online ordering systems for restaurants are getting common and it is better to embrace the trend now. As more restaurants compete for elite space before customers, why not beat the challenge by brining your restaurant into the digital foray? An online ordering system for restaurants is brilliant business option that gives an extraordinary rate on investment. Takeaway Solutions has huge experience in helping restaurants succeed in this space, and here are a couple of reasons why our online ordering system is best for Restaurants:

1) No commission

The first reason for having takeaway solutions is that there is no commission. While the behemoths of online delivery remove a large cut of your profits, we don't. The ROI comes in from the very beginning, and you can allocate your money the way in which you need to.

2) An industry standard among restaurants

Over the world, several restaurants have started offering online delivery and with great returns. In addition to the fact that this gives your restaurant more exposure, but it also enables you to reach out new customers and build a superior business with long term customers.

3) Image-friendly

Food and image are inextricably associated and without having the exact visuals, it is hard to get new customers through the door or entice previous customers. Having an image friendly delivery solution enables you to give your customers a full experience regardless of whether they have chosen to stay in than dine out. Having an online system that allows images for each category and each dish is important for increasing your average order size, which also makes it a lucrative option.

4) Helps customers get acquainted your business better

The blend of online availability and images allows your customers to engage in with your business in a far more involved way, which builds long term loyalty overall. By having online ordering system, you are providing customers with a convenient service, while boosting your very own profits. There are few solutions out there that permit this balance. Not all customers know the name of each dish, yet having an online accessibility and images of the various offerings allow customers to become more acquainted with your business better, and engage with it too.

5) A full-service solution including free table booking systems, SEO site, and multi language support

Takeaway Solutions is committed to help restaurants succeed. While online delivery is one part of the service, restaurants need a full-service digital solution to really enable their success. This includes a free table booking system to minimize the coordination and logistics that are related with table reservations, and automates the process.

Search engine optimised websites are another part of the solution, so as to guarantee that your site matches the digital footprint you are making with online ordering and table booking. We also offer orders printed in English, and also in other languages.

6) Higher average spend per customer

Our restaurant customers have a higher spend per customer from online orders versus their traditional in store and via telephone orders.

Takeaway Solutions makes the complexity nature of ordering food simple while presenting various up-sell opportunities all through the ordering process.


Lauren Deol

Lauren Deol is Takeaway Genie's Content Strategist. She writes about the trends, tips and other things that enable customers serve better and be more helpful awesome overall. She also writes about the need and importance of having a website for a takeaway business to run their business successfully.