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What Things should Be Considered When Expanding Your Restaurant Ordering System for Delivery – Part 1

Every restaurant is constantly searching for better ways to increase profits and expand their customer base. You do it with marketing effort, creating a presence on third party platforms, community outreach, and obviously improving your dining experience. One of the best ways is to add an easy online ordering system and delivery options for your customers.

Delivery increases the number of people who successfully can become customers for your restaurant. Ordering online further increases to those people who are in a hurry, picky, bad on the telephone, or ordering for a large group. There's no doubt that online ordering and delivery are powerful aspects for a restaurant.

For adding this new feature to your restaurants there are a few steps and some best possible ways that will help you to thrive with your new online ordering and delivery services.

Know Your Capabilities

Adding delivery to your business is not like dining room service. You need the complete order all set to go at once and it certainly adds extra work for your kitchen staff. Preparing huge orders can be particularly tricky because you will need space to store the orders before delivery as well.

At first you should know how much catering your team can handle. The key logistical point of managing with your delivery load is the quantity of orders you take. Get a good idea of how many orders you can be delivered in a day, including a count of your slow versus busy hours of the day.

The most basic constraints for catering operations are:

·         The size of your kitchen

·         Staff Time

·         Budgeting

First understand your limitations so that you can accurately predict your capabilities. Set your initial expectations with plenty of 'breathing room', giving your staff time to become familiar with any new delivery order schedules. Then set your maximum assessment of capabilities. That is the biggest possible order you could take in one day or the maximum number of deliveries your team can handle with.

Knowing your capabilities is important to the rest of your delivery order plan.

Build Your Menu

Next, it's time to fix what you will deliver. In any case, if you're in a high demand area or need to strategies, you can also build a custom menu of dishes that are easier to deliver as well as more enjoyable to eat out of a delivery container.

In fact, you may consider updating some of your dishes to become more delivery friendly. One way to do this, particularly in urban business areas, is to offer lunch box deliveries for working professionals through lunch or hosting a lunch meeting. You don't need to do catering to make bank feeding many hungry office staff every day.

Lunch boxes are highly popular in both corporate culture and education system. Think about what sort of delicious lunch you can easily pack in a single pack. The lunch can be hot or cold, light or heavy. You can build a great reputation and garner a great deal of business for online delivery orders.

Restricted Diet Alternatives

Finally, make sure to have a couple of options for diet restricted customers. Businesses and schools, specifically, need to make sure there is something for people with way of life, religious, or allergy limited diets. Fortunately, you can easily cover all the bases with a few considerate dishes.

Decide Your Max Size and Min Time

It's time to set boundary lines. Keep in mind that preparing delivery orders takes as much time (if not more for boxing) than dining. You never know many orders will come in during a single day. You may even get calls for catering, for numbers far bigger than you have ever served at once previously.

This is the reason it's important to set your limits. Guarantee that your kitchen team can handle with the increased demand of delivery orders. You also need to choose to what extent it should take to prepare a delivery order. Each restaurant does this count another way. Some have a static 40-minute estimate while others estimate based on the portions and dishes in each order.


Lauren Deol

Lauren Deol is Takeaway Genie's Content Strategist. She writes about the trends, tips and other things that enable customers serve better and be more helpful awesome overall. She also writes about the need and importance of having a website for a takeaway business to run their business successfully.