What is Online ordering systems for Restaurants?

Published: 2021-09-28 in Takeaway Genie by Lauren Deol

An online ordering system is a software that enables restaurants to accept and manage orders ordered through their website or mobile app.

An online ordering system for takeaway is software that enables restaurants to accept and manage orders sent over the internet. The online takeaway ordering system essentially consists of two elements. The first step is to set up a website or mobile app for eager customers to see the restaurant menu and place an online order. The second is an admin interface for the restaurant’s to receive and manage the customer's orders. 

Setting up an online takeaway ordering system needn't be complicated. If you have been thinking about food delivery to your restaurant but aren't sure how, then within hours of work and a couple of simple-to-use tools, you could have an online ordering system set up for your restaurant.

From the restaurant's standpoint, they no longer have to spend time accepting the customer's order, they no longer have to worry about communication problems, and they can optimise their order management workflow.

With help of takeaway genie, a restaurant can begin receiving orders online for free by creating their own website.

Website and App

The customer ordering website or mobile app will have various requirements to function adequately. These are:

  • Accessible across all devices
  • Easily search the restaurant's menu and see the available dishes
  • Configure their order
  • Choose delivery or pickup option
  • Select time to receive an order
  • Make online payments through various methods
  • Update on the status of the order customer’s placed
  • View all of their previous orders and easily reorder their favorite foods.

Admin Management Interface

The admin management interface is an essential part of an online ordering system. It's responsible for notifying new orders and helping them with managing the order fulfillment process. The significant factors are:

  • Accessible on all devices for easy to use in-store
  •  Real-time order management allows restaurants to see which orders to be prepared
  • The ability to have staff accounts to refine access for staff use
  • Simple settings and configuration choices for fine-tuning the system
  • Multiple arrays of notification methods to stay up to date with the latest orders

Try Online Ordering System

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