About Us



It started with food lovers

Our local Pizza joint always gave us such a great deal. We were loyal to our takeaway...our takeaway gave us a personal service!
So, we decided to bridge the gap in the market and give the same back.

Takeaway Genie believes restaurants are at their best when they can deliver high quality of food with an exceptional level of service. With the rise in smartphone technology, Takeaway Genie offers restaurants the ability to get online and offer their own mobile ordering service with full control of promotions. 



The Logo

The logo represents a locator pin “Genie” and is our little mascot. This is presented in the most eastern and even western cultures as protection to ward off evil spirits, so I guess having this little logo could bring you great fortune and luck too!



Our Goal

We aim to give the Takeaway and Restaurant owners the chance to take orders without worrying about commission.
We aim to provide independent marketing which meets the merchant’s demands directly.
We aim to be the best at what we do and continually improve and expand our services.
We give the merchant full control to any offers they wish to the consumer and benefit the dynamic future.

Our Location

Unit 2 York House
Langston Road, Loughton
IG10 3TQ.