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The heart of your business success lies in marketing

Logos, Branding, Print and Web


  • Logo Design
  • Leaflets
  • Posters
  • Business Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Menu Printing
  • Banners

Just Ask The Genie
We are not limited to the list above and we can provide other products like: banners, roller banners, folders and even videos Just click Free Consultation

Promotional Material

Menus & Advertising
All restaurants or takeaway businesses should have a menu as this is the first thing a customer would want to see.

Why & How?
If you don’t have a menu, you really should consider having one designed, printed and ensure it looks professional. This is why we have Graphic Designers in house who are dedicated in providing the most fantastic looking menus.

Set Yourself Apart

Competition is fierce and you need to stand out

Re-Brand & Start- Ups

Your wish is our command & expertise

Bespoke Design

No templated menu, it is unique & original

High Quality

We only print & design at the highest level

Running promotions can increase revenue on average by 34%

Internal Data: Source Takeaway Genie 2017

Loyalty Cards / Business cards

Keep your customers coming back
Why should John Smith go to the chicken shop next door when he knows he will get the 6th order free from your business? Keep him coming back for more! Give incentives!

We will advertise your Takeaway Genie online ordering page on the business card or loyalty card so you can drive more customers online and increase your revenue. We can even create swipe card loyalty cards for your EPOS system.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

What will this do for me?
See ordering trends of regular and new customers, then make a decision based on your observations.

We create and design the email campaign to reach every customer on your database and let them know about your monthly and seasonal promotions.

Social Media Marketing

Let your followers order directly on Facebook. Your fans just love sharing food with their friends.

Social Media Marketing

Spread awareness to the locals and make new foodie friends that support your business.

Let your followers order directly from Facebook and integrated the Takeaway ordering page.

" The marketing solutions that Takeaway Genie had provided vastly improved the traffic to my ordering site. I must say;
I got my wish. "

Jerry Peperale

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